Cutting edge jewellery

Welcome to my website,

I make jewellery from vintage silver plated cutlery using a range of items that influence the design of the individual pieces. Forks, pickle forks, fish knives and sugar tongs are made into bangles. Small coffee, teaspoon and cake forks become earrings and linked bracelets. Single, decorative items are used for pendants and brooches. The choice of vintage cutlery is dependent on the patterns, varying from Victorian floral to the geometric shapes of the Art Deco period. 

All of my jewellery is intended to become a gift, either for yourself or for someone that you care for.

Jenny Shutler

P.S. You can find out where I will be selling my jewellery on my "Upcoming Events" page or you can visit one of the places that sell my jewellery listed on my "Places to Buy" page or just follow me on instagram @jennyshutler